Fellowship of the Imperial Order

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mperial Order
The Imperial Order is ruled by Emperor Jangang and founded through the Fellowship of Order by Brother Narev. The Order taught that mankind was evil and full of selfish desires. Emperor Jangang managed to bring his ideals to the entirety of the Firrebending factions and brought the once separate kingdoms of The Land of Fire under his controlled rule, with the exception of the kingdoms that would become the Dragons of the White Lotus. Emperor Jangang and Brother Narev claimed to work in the name of the “Creator”. They allowed their troops to murder, rape and steal from innocent people, saying that it was the duty of all to bend to the will of others in need. People were brainwashed with the promise of a better world after death and that their current life was worthless. Anyone who spoke out against these thoughts were quickly put to death, being accused of treason against the Creator. The Imperial Order despises other bending arts and those who are gifted in them. They seek to end all other bending peoples as to make firebending the sole authourity bender. This belief stems from the teaching that Firebenders were put on earth to protect man while the other benders are here to enslave man to their will. However, they do believe if a bender renounces his ways and follows the tenets of the Order that they can overcome their inherently evil nature.

In the Fellowship of the Imperial Order, education is very strict. There are no forms of movement or expression whatsoever, as such actions are considered a threat to the Emperors unquestioned authority. Many common arts such as dancing are thus banned from the school curriculum. There is also very strict censoring to make the students believe that the war against the other cultures is in fact a justified one, as their reasoning for the war is entangled with their religious dogma reinforced upon all their citizens. They believe this life is a test of your service to the “Creator” (Their interpretation of the Spirit of Life) and that Firebenders are his chosen disciples sent to convert or abolish the other bender races who are the servants of the “Keeper” (Their interpretation of the Spirit of Death) and that the other benders are on earth to enslave and hold down mankind while firebenders are here to protect and defend man.

At the beginning of everyday, the students must stand up and pledge loyalty to the Emperor, and promise to serve him for as long as they live. The Imperial Order, also alter events to make it seem as though they are fighting for the greater good. Education, especially military knowledge, is also valued much for the children of the Royal Family. Many children are expected to eventually become soldiers and officers in the military, fueling the nation’s militaristic culture. If not in joining the military the parents of the students, mostly girls, want them to marry into a noble or royal family, as social and political status are held in high regard among the Fire Nation elite. In the Imperial Order, all commoners are expected to be equally low in status, none better than another and only able to increase in social class through marriage. They believe all normal men are equal in the eyes of the “Creator” except the benders (Nobility is determined by ones ability to Firebend). The exception for benders is that firebenders are above all others, meant to interpret and see to the “Creators” will while the other benders are their to do the opposite, servants of the “Keeper”.

This is a stark difference from the Dragons of the White Lotus, originally and organization turned country, who follow Air Nomad style spiritual beliefs and have an education system very similar to the liberal Ba Sing Se. The inhabit the South-Eastern islands of The Land of Fire and lead the Lotus Alliance in fighting against expansion of the Imperial Order dogma.

Capitol City
The capital city of the Fellowship of the Imperial Order. Altur’Rung sits where the future capital of the Fire Nation will be 600 years later. This is the seat of power for Emperor Jangang and Brother Narev. The city is one of the larger cities in the Four Lands. It has a distinct layout, consisting of a harbor surrounded by a dock and the Royal Plaza, an industrial Harbor City behind the Plaza, buildings and homes scattered around the surrounding hills, and finally, another neighborhood in the crater of a dormant volcano known as Caldera, where the elite live around the Royal Palace. The city has extensive defense works and is heavily fortified. The city has a massive population, much of which is dominated by slums. Many people in the Order spend their lives preaching the Order instead of making a life for themselves, mindlessly following its’ tenets and praying to the “Creator” to provide, causing much of the population to fall into poverty. The Order brothers, or priests, encourage these mindless followers and reward them with meager food rations. To seek to increase your status in society is seen as a insult to the Order, as this life should only be about the creators will and never ones own selfish desires. The inherent contradictions in these teachings are many and obvious to those who oppose the Order, but are lost on those who follow it.


Fellowship of the Imperial Order

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